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Midway – por onde pára o nosso lixo

Chris Jordan

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The Life Of A 2-Year-Old Girl Growing Up With Drug-Addict Parents

Irina Popova


China cria algo mais coerente que a “nova” rotunda do Marquês

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Coimbra será primeira cidade mundial 100% iluminada a LED

Coimbra deverá tornar-se, até 2015, a primeira cidade do mundo totalmente iluminada com recurso a LED (light-emitting diode, díodos emissores de luz, em português). A instalação de 35.000 luminárias públicas com esta tecnologia vai permitir uma poupança energética na ordem dos 70%.

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Outlet de roupa para pessoas sem abrigo tornou-se realidade na Cidade do Cabo

The Street Store


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Surreal Buddhist Bug Project Tries To Negotiate Between Buddhism And Islam

Cambodian-based artist Anida Yoeu Ali


Moments of Peace During Protests

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Man playing piano for riot police in Kiev, Ukraine, 2013
A young boy offers a heart-shaped balloon to police in Bucharest, Romania, 2012
An anti-government protester offers a rose to a soldier in Bangkok, Thailand, 2013
Kissing couple during the riots in Vancouver, Canada, 2011

Restante Galeria

Ben Bernake’s Banksters Legacy

Para quem já ouviu falar dele,  um senhor interessante, também bastante mencionado no Inside Job e no Zeitgeist, entre outros.

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James Hall – January 22, 2014

With Ben Shalom Bernanke set to depart on the last day of January 2014, the critique and speculation of his tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve begins. The mainstream financial press is giving mostly favorable accounts. Heretofore, such praiseworthy acclamations strike a shape contrast with the actual record of the state of the economy. However, the admirers of the Fed and his specific enactments live in a time warp that only masters of the universe encounter. For the remaining population, an intense struggle for survival is the actual experience, remembered from the Bernanke years.

Investopedia expresses a complimentary score of The Legacy Of Ben Bernanke, and cites distinguished highlights and concludes that “Under Bernanke’s stewardship, the Fed became the most transparent it has ever been in its history.”

Yet, (…)

E se os produtos naturais viessem com indicações acerca da sua composição?

Australian chemistry teacher James Kennedy has created a tongue-in-cheek set of images that take a fresh perspective on the public discussion about fresh and organic foods vs. the genetically modified products and chemical pesticides being championed by companies like Monsanto. His posters take all-natural products and break them down by their chemical composition, or their “ingredients.”

When we read the ingredient labels on the processed foods that we eat (or choose not to eat), there’s usually a long and worrisome list of chemical ingredients that we can’t identify. However, Kennedy’s series of images points out that our fear of some of these chemicals might be misplaced.

I want to erode the fear that many people have of ‘chemicals’, and demonstrate that nature evolves compounds, mechanisms and structures far more complicated and unpredictable than anything we can produce in the lab,” writes Kennedy, who personally avoids buying any sort of food with monosodium glutamate (MSG) or high-fructose corn syrup.

This poster series breaks down all the major ingredients in popular natural foods—using E-numbers and IUPAC [International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry] names instead of common names where they exist. Anthocynanins, for example, which are said to give blueberries their ‘superfood’ status, are also known as E163,” he explained.

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Nicaragua’s Canal and China Power

4 notícias/artigos interessantes:

5 de outubro 2013

The Economist

A man, a plan—and little else

NOT since the civil war of the 1980s have so many helicopters been clattering over remote parts of Nicaragua. But now the guys squinting down through the tree canopy are in suits: lawyers and business consultants from the United States, Australian engineers, British environmental auditors, even Chinese executives. Their per diems are being paid by Wang Jing, a Chinese businessman whose $40 billion quest is to build a canal from Nicaragua’s Atlantic coast to its Pacific one. (…)

22 de novembro 2013

Asia Times

Nicaragua canal boosts China power

Since it first opened in 1914, the Panama Canal has provided the primary shipping conduit linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans through the Americas. And in that time, it has also represented US dominance in the region. Even after the canal passed entirely into Panama’s control in 1999, the United States has maintained a strong military presence in the region, establishing its continuity as the region’s key economic and political player.

All that is about to change. (…)

12 de janeiro 2014

Blacklisted News

Nicaragua to start construction on Canal, rivalling Panama’s

(…)“The Nicaraguan government and HKND Group are pleased to confirm that canal construction work will begin as planned in December 2014,” Ortega announced alongside Chinese tycoon Wang Jing, whose group has been given a concession to manage the future shipping channel for 50 years, with the possibility to renew the contract for another 50. (…)

21 de janeiro 2014


A Nicarágua vai ser serrada a meio para juntar o Pacífico ao Atlântico

(…)Maior ameaça ambiental no país.
Mas acresce outra importante polémica o impacto ambiental de tão monumental obra. A consultora britânica Environmental Resources Management (ERM) foi contratada pela construtora para averiguar as consequências de escavar um canal profundo através do Lago da Nicarágua, o maior lago de água doce da América Latina, e de talhar terras ancestrais indígenas até chegar ao mar do Caribe. E tentar compensar os danos. (…)

P.s. Este último artigo é um pouco plágio mas junta bastante informação.